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Manufacturer and developer of X-ray tubes and X-ray tube assemblies for medical and technical applications

About us

Petrick Company was found in 1991 under the name ”Petrick Glasteilefertigung“, in Rudolstadt, once Eastern Germany. Founder Horst Petrick is a learned fine mechanic with fully qualified academic studies as electronics engineer. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Petrick worked for 22 years at Röhrenwerk Rudolstadt (today Siemens) as department manager of delivery inspection.

Petrick GlasteilefertigungThe founding work place was established in a small garage nearby Mr. Petrick’s residence.

glass-metal assembliesIn the beginning Petrick worked as supplier of glass-metal assemblies, glass bulbs, glassed wires and high-frequency parts for X-ray tubes from Siemens in Rudolstadt.

In 1993 Mr. Petrick added two employees to the company.

Petrick GlasteilefertigungIn 1994 the garage was rebuilt into a small company building, while production continued.

X-ray tubes In the year 1996 we began the production of X-ray tubes up to 70kV, initially only for dental area. Due to a need for more space, we rented a production area at Siemens in Rudolstadt. During this time we had increased to 8 employees.

X-ray tubesIn 1998, after 2 years of production of X-ray tubes, we realized our first major development, within two months time.

“Smallest electron-protection head X-ray tube in the world”

Petrick GmbHIn 1999 Petrick changed its corporate name to “Petrick GmbH” and a short time later it moved to its current location in Bad Blankenburg.

Petrick GmbHUntil 2004 we were busy with rebuilding and modernization of our work rooms and building while production continued.

Petrick GmbHIn that period we pursued two goals: development of new products and creating necessary working space for such products. Consequently we purchased a subsidiary building complex as storage area.

Since 2006 we specialized in manufacturing of technical X-ray tubes of glass up to 80kV, Beryllium-window tubes and radiation protection housings up to 60kV.

technical X-ray tubes technical X-ray tubes X-ray tube

In 2009 we developed our modular system of X-ray tube assembly series “Vari”, which enables many possibilities of combining our various types of glass and side window X-ray tubes, and allows for different variations of cooling and mounting options.

Always motivated to improve our products, in 2010 we developed the fine-adjustment of our cathode system for creating a highly stable X-ray tube.

At present we produce X-ray tubes with focal spot according to IEC standard and focal spot in micro spot business. Smallest available focal spot is 50 microns. Furthermore we manufacture line focus X-ray tubes with continuous rating of up to 210W.

As a result of customer’s request, we improved the design of “Vari” in 2013. “Vari Short” was introduced on the market which made us more competitive. The optimized dimensions enable our customers to directly exchange products of other manufacturers.

Our manufacturing equipment enables us to produce X-ray tubes up to 80kV and our test facilities enable inspections up to 140kV.

Petrick GmbH is a family establishment. Through long-term cooperation of father Horst and daughter Antje Petrick who joined the company in 2002, and the entrance in the company of Mr. André Nikolaus in 2014, Petrick GmbH is passing its know-how down through the generations to ensure a secure future for both existing and prospective business relationships. Currently our team consists of 40 employees.

As of 01.04.2015, the management of Petrick GmbH is composed of Mr. André Nikolaus, Mr. Horst Petrick and Mrs. Antje Petrick.

About us

Our objective is to find tailored solutions together with customers for their individual applications. In addition to our standard product range, we always aim to meet our customers’ demands and respectively develop a new X-ray tube for each application. Focal spot size, cone angle, operating parameters and anode materials are interchangeable.

Our slogan: No way for “no way”! Arouse your curiosity? Contact us! Here’s to successful partnership.

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